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In seeking true happiness the London based acclaimed amateur photographer James Birtwistle closely follows the advice of the Hungarian photographic legend Andre Kertesz:
“The best solution is to find an agreeable job which provides you with a living, and spend the rest of your time and energy on photography. This way you do not need to make any compromises. Commercial photographers must comply with their clients’ requests. Only amateurs can do what they feel like. True happiness lies therein.”
Having earned his living as a sound engineer James does what he likes as a photographer, and this occasionally offers him true happiness.

He thanks you for visiting this website and hopes that some of the work is pleasing to the eye of the beholder.
The photographs are all available to buy as prints.

James also occasionally undertakes commissions (as long as there’s not too much complying with clients’ requests involved…)

Do please get in touch via the contact page.